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AMAS is an independent and objective internal audit function reporting to the Regents, President, and Chancellor with information and assurance on the governance, risk management and internal control processes.  

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Audit Data Analytics Initiative

Audit & Management Advisory Services (AMAS) has recently expanded its data analytics capabilty with the introduction of an Audit Data Analytics Initiative. With this initiative, using data extraction and analytics software, AMAS will identify and extract selected data sets; then analyze data sets for patterns, relationships, and anomalies. Data sets will be used to evaluate operational efficiency and effectiveness, compliance with policies and procedures; and to identify the potential misuse of University resources. Data routines will be shared with management and maybe used to establish desired continuous monitoring activities within campus organizations.

AMAS has always used data analytics to extract and analyze data from campus systems for use on individual audit projects. This initiative will build on this capability. In addition, data routines will be categorized by test objective and linked to the UC Audit Risk Universe. Data routines will also be designed to detect errors and irregularities, and be used to support campus efforts in maintaining its fraud risk management program.