About Us

Audit & Management Advisory Services (AMAS) is an independent and objective internal audit function reporting to the Regents, President, and Chancellor with information and assurance on the governance, risk management and internal control processes. 

We provide critical assessments, monitoring, and consultative roles; assisting the chancellor and senior management in the discharge of their oversight, management, and operating responsibilities; and is an integral part of the University’s shared governance structure. 


 Audit & Management Advisory Services
Mail Stop: Internal Audit
Enterprise Technology Center - 3rd floor
100 Enterprise Way, Suite 100
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Jim Dougherty
James Dougherty
Interim Director/Principal Auditor/Investigations Lead

Rm. 3256
(831) 459-3636

Stephen Architzel
Stephen Architzel
Principal Auditor

Rm. 3252
(831) 459-7048

Debbie Zenker
Debbie Zenker
Senior Auditor

Rm. 3260
(831) 459-3950

Deb Collins
Deb Collins
Project Policy Analyst

Rm. 3250
(831) 459-3205